Pickle Barrel is a family-owned delicatessen and restaurant and South Florida landmark in Deerfield Beach, Florida since 1974.  Pickle Barrel has been in the same location for 36 years – you will not find a “other locations” tab here.  Pickle Barrel follows the same honored traditions followed by delicatessen restauranteurs since the 1890′s and deli lovers like Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio would be right at home.

Eric Gliner, owner, proprietor and careful caretaker of Pickle Barrel traditions loves both people and food and that combination, along with his commitment to excellence has created one of the best loved delicatessens in South Florida.  Eric’s reputation for incomparable standards of excellence has created a fiercely loyal local clientele as well as out-of-towners whose first stop upon arriving back for Season is Pickle Barrel.