Hours: Mon – Sat: 9am – 3pm Sun: Closed

About Pickle Barrel Deli & Delicatessen

Eric Gliner, owner, proprietor and careful caretaker of Pickle Barrel traditions loves both people and food and that combination, along with his commitment to excellence has created one of the best loved delicatessens in South Florida.  Eric’s reputation for incomparable standards of excellence has created a fiercely loyal local clientele as well as out-of-towners whose first stop upon arriving back to Florida for Season is Pickle Barrel.

Upon entering Pickle Barrel you will be happily bombarded by a symphony of heavenly smells and the buzz of conversation and laughter.  You might even hear the cheers of sports fans enjoying their meal while watching their favorite team score on Pickle Barrel’s flat screen.

Above the many layers of sound and smell you will hear Eric’s booming laugh and see his wide infectious smile as he greets Pickle Barrel’s guests and immediately you feel as if you are family and a welcome guest.  The Pickle Barrel family, most of who have been there for many years regards Pickle Barrel as their home away from home and their pride is evident in everything they do.  Don’t be surprised when they remember your name and know exactly what you plan on ordering before you do!

Pickle Barrel’s adherence to the highest standards extends far beyond the preparation and sale of food.  Customers have become family and friends over the years and every day at Pickle Barrel is a happy reunion.

What to order will be the biggest challenge at Pickle Barrel.  You might try their one of their famous corned beef, pastrami, brisket, roast beef sandwiches, just to name a few – or – you might try one of Pickle Barrel’s incredible specialty sandwiches.

“Try one of the specialty sandwiches – corned beef, pastrami, roast beef or maybe a trifecta.  The Deli Dinger starts with two slices of pillow-soft rye (with or without seeds) piled with quality delicatessen meats until it measures 3 inches high.  The pastrami is edged in pepper and spices, the corned beef lean and not too salty, the roast beef full of good meaty flavor.  Just the right amount of Swiss cheese goes atop the meat (it softens from the warmth of the meat) then on goes a smear of deli mustard to perk everything up.”

Pickel Barrel Deli & Delicatessen